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Overseas Mining Laws

European Union

European Union

There were 20,700 mining enterprises operating in the EU in 2006.


Pan-European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee ("PERC")

PERC is the European equivalent of the Australasian JORC in Australasia, SAMREC in South Africa, and similar reserves standards bodies in the USA, Canada, and Chile, and with them is a constituent member of the Committee for (Mineral) Reserves International Reporting Standards ("CRIRSCO")

National Mining Legislation

Europe is set to impose mandatory transparency measures for mining and forestry companies, requiring them to detail their financial relationships with foreign governments. The EU legislation, however, does not contain a general regulation of mining as such, nor on mining safety. As there is no such thing as a common EU mining legislation, each member state specific legislation is of importance to govern mining safety standards in the EU.

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