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Overseas Mining Laws



All of the 554 tonnes of metallic mercury produced by Kyrgyzstan in 2000 was exported to China.



National Mining Legislation

Law on Subsoil (July 2, 1997)
Law on Concession and Foreign Concessionary Enterprises in Kyrgyzstan (March 6, 1992)
Law on Production-Sharing Agreements (April 10, 2002)
Law on Coal (February 3, 1999)
Law on Oil and Gas (June 8, 1998)

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All mineral resources including metallic minerals are owned by the state except widespread common mineral resources (mortar sand, limestone, gravel, etc).

The right to use subsoil may be granted by issuance of a license to use subsoil, by concession, and on the basis of an agreement on production sharing in subsoil use. Individual placer miners obtain mining rights through registration with local state administration authorities.

A licence may be issued to an individual or legal entity of Kyrgyzstan or another country on a tender basis if the right to use a deposit of national importance is granted under it; for all other purposes, licences are issued by direct negotiations between the prospective licensee and the Ministry.

There are exploration licences, mining licences and licences for construction and operation of subsurface structures not related to mineral resources mining. The government grants concessions through a competitive process. The production sharing agreements are negotiated and executed by the government on the basis of outcomes of auctions and competitions.

Government Mining Agencies

The Ministry of Natural Resources is the main regulatory authority, which issues licences and executes licence agreements