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Indonesia’s solar-battery power plant
November 2021

Indonesia’s solar-battery power plant

Sunseap Group Pte, a renewable energy firm based in Singapore has announced its plans to develop 7 gigawatts of solar power and 12 gigawatt hours of battery storage on the Riau Islands of Indonesia. This is in part in response to the energy demand in Singapore that aims to import nearly 50% of electricity by 2035 from low-carbon sources. Currently, the world’s biggest battery facility has a capacity of 1.6 gigawatt-hours which is based in California making the planned project the biggest of its kind.

Companies are looking to unlock Indonesia’s solar power potential while Indonesia also looks to rely on it to meet its own environmental and climate goals. It is reported that Indonesia could potentially generate almost 20,000 gigawatts of solar power, which is more than double the combined capacity of the world’s solar power plants.