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Capital Raising

Capital Raising in Hong Kong

Natural resource companies operate in an often turbulent and challenging global market. Not only must they absorb distinctive forms of environmental, geopolitical and commercial risk but they are also uniquely dependent on the vagaries of the global equity, debt and capital markets to secure the finance they require to reach and ensure production.

Charltons advises on equity financing – essential to junior resource companies who are subject to high exploration stage risks and to majors who must continually invest to remain competitive – project financing via senior, mezzanine, and convertible debt, the listing of debt securities, options and warrants.

Charltons is experienced in advising mining and natural resource companies on their capital raising requirements, whether they are seeking to put in place suitable capital structures to manage operation cash flows, or simply seeking finance to undertake initial exploration and geological research.

Charltons also works together with other mineral and other oil and gas industry stakeholders including institutional investors, banks and bank syndicates together with PE and venture capital companies pursuing opportunities in the natural resource sector.