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Capital Raising

Listing Debt Securities in Hong Kong

Charltons has experience in advising companies in connection with listed debt securities offerings. Debt securities, other than debt issues to professional investors only, may be brought to listing by a number of methods, namely through an offer for subscription, offer for sale or placing. Debt securities may also be brought to listing by an exchange or a substitution of debt securities for or a conversion of debt securities into other classes of securities or by the exercise of options, warrants or similar rights to subscribe or purchase debt securities.

Chapter 30 of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Rules (“Listing Rules”) sets out the provisions that apply to mineral companies issuing debt securities.

Listing Rule Chapter 18 applies to the listing of debt securities by a mineral company except for rules 18.07(2) and 18.09(9). Chapter 18 does not apply to debt securities issued by state-owned or controlled corporations and debt issues to professional investors only.

The Exchange maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions in relation to debt securites. It lists information on Debt Securities and Securities Products under the Products and Services of its website.