On-Going Announcement Requirements For Listed Companies

Listed mineral companies are bound by the provisions of the various provisions of the Listing Rules which impose an obligation on issuers to publish announcements in a wide range of situations. Issuers are required to publish announcements electronically on the Exchange’s website through its e-submission system and on their own websites. Listed mineral companies are additionally bound by the provisions of Chapter 18 of the Listing Rules.

Pursuant to Listing Rules (Listing Rule 13.09) , an issuer shall keep the Exchange, members of the issuer and other holders of its listed securities informed as soon as reasonably practicable of any information relating to the group (including information on any major new developments in the group’s sphere of activity which is not public knowledge) which:-

  • Is necessary to enable them and the public to appraise the position of the group; or

  • Is necessary to avoid the establishment of a false market in its securities; or

  • Might be reasonably expected materially to affect market activity in and the price of its securities.